Drab to Fab

 Last March I found some crazy quilt pieces and a chenille bed spread at a rummage sale. They have been sitting on my project table just waiting to be turned into pillows. Over the weekend I went yard saling, something I don’t get to do very often.  The best part was not my great finds, but that I went solo. That’s right, no unbuckling car seats or loading up the stroller. I did not find much, but what I did find went with the theme in my livingroom. I found one feed sack and a seed sack for a few dollars. The best find was a free shabby afghan but I knew I could salvage parts of it.  I worked during nap times and after the girls went to bed to finish my livingroom pillows and my bedroom pillows. They are simple pillows sewn on all four sides. I don’t have time to get fancy with my sewing these days. My goal is to get the project done and make sure it looks good. I am pleased with the results and I have been slowly rearranging accessories in each room to make the space look fresh without spending money. Go forth and be creative today.




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