Summer in a Bottle


Over the weekend Brook and I took a much needed date night. Instead of going out we stayed in and caught up on conversation while bottling our first few batches of summer wine. We were hoping to get it all finished, but I made more than I realized. Every time I took a sip I could envision and feel summer. Our most favorite is the raspberry wine. We pick the berries at Brook’s parents place and there is always just enough to make one gallon of wine. We tend to keep that for ourselves.  We bottled one gallon of raspberry, six gallons of strawberry, and three gallons of cherry. We still need to bottle our peach, blueberry, and concord before Christmas.



If you are wondering about the wine making process it is very simple. My dad got me into it last year.He started to make wine using a kit. I asked him to show me and he ended up giving me all his supplies. If you live in Lancaster County, check out Cooper Hill Farm in Ephrata. It is owned by an older couple and they have every kind of supply you need for making wine. I call her often for answers to my questions. 



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