Out like a Lamb?







I thought March was suppose to go out like a lamb? I am not a fan of winter but I do enjoy the slow pace of a snow day. Today I am simply enjoying the calm before the hustle and bustle of what warmer weather brings… gardening, weeding, canning. Oh how I love it, but I know how it consumes the day. That is why I am enjoying…

:: snow, hopefully the last one. 

:: pajamas and robes all day

:: baking and eating cookies 

:: soup in the crockpot, trying this recipe

::packing, packing, and packing. Packed all my sewing things today. Trying not to tempt myself with anymore sewing projects. 

:: Marty Stauffer

:: Popcorn

:: Cuddling

:: Games

:: Books

:: Tea 

Happy Monday! 




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