Remember our peeps? Well they are young chickens now and need a home of there own. They have been spending there days in the barn. I have been asking begging Brook for a chicken coop for quite some time.  In years past we just let them roam around the property. That works okay until they wander to the neighbors or lay their eggs randomly around the property. Brook worked hard all week to have this beauty finished just in time for my birthday. We get each other the strangest gifts. This year I got Brook a gift card to Field and Forest so we could start our mushroom garden. I will save that for another post.  Back to tI he coop, It can be pulled with the tractor to give the girls fresh grass. There are roosting bars, four nesting boxes, and a built in feeder inside the coop.  I wish I had plans to share with you, but Brook built this on his own with no plans. He amazes me everyday. It also cost nothing to make. He used all scrap barn wood and material that we had in the barn. Did you see the tin on the peak of the roof? That was found in the barn too. You know I love gifts that are useful and I do believe this is one of those gifts. 


2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. I love the design of this chicken coop! Will you make any modifications to it for the winter? Or will this only be their summer home? And thanks for the blog follow! I am following your blog now and look forward to future posts.

    • Thanks! Your post on rabbits caught my attention. My husband is trying out meat rabbits as a hobby. Looking forward to reading more. But yes this is there home. Not sure about winter. We do have a barn they can winter in. We are having some trouble with the chickens and the coop and I will be posting about it soon. Thanks for following.

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