Chicken Trouble






Oh these chickens! Remember the coop that Brook built for me? The one that you could move so they could eat the fresh grass. Well it was not working. We had too many chickens for the given space and they started pecking each other. Either that or the original three chickens from last year were beating up on this year chickens. 

So to fix the problem, Brook moved the coop to the top of the hill and made a permanent home for the flock. He clipped their wings and made a small pasture. Well, those original three chickens led by Sneaky the Americana still managed to escape. Once again Brook tried to fix the fence by making it taller. For sure they would not be able to escape. Wrong! Now Sneaky has a following and they are all escaping. So for now we have given into the fact that “what will be will be.” We are finding random nests around the property and enjoying the egg hunts we get to go on everyday. So much for the reliability of finding our eggs in the same spot. 



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