About the Farmhand

I am wife to an amazing husband who is letting me live my dreams of quitting my teaching job to be a stay at home mommy of three little girls.  We just bought our dream home. It is a farmhouse and barn on a little piece of land. Just enough to get our hands dirty. My husband Brook is a full time Taxidermist and the head farmer around this place. He is very particular about his garden.  He was once the farmhand for his organic farming grandfather so he knows a thing or too about gardening and farming. My job is to help with the weeding, harvesting, canning, and freezing. On occasion we do try to do those chores together which makes the tasks more enjoyable.  I love having my honey by my side.  This farmhand also enjoys cooking, baking, wine making, sewing, creating, and thrifting. It tends to get a bit chaotic around here with all these things going on at one time, not to mention when the little  farmhands try to help. I hope you enjoy reading about the everyday happenings here at the Farm. Read why we live this lifestyle here.

On the side…. Just because I was a teacher doesn’t mean my grammar or spelling will be perfect:)

Much love…



5 thoughts on “About the Farmhand

  1. Hi Sarah! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting the homestead at standupongrace.com! Thanks for swinging in, come by anytime! I am so happy for you that you and your hubby can live your homestead dreams together! That too, is our goal, get my hubby home so we can work side by side, shoulder to shoulder, on a daily basis! LOVE IT!!! Enjoy your blessings!

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