Adventures with Scotty Part II

Two years, a house, and a baby later we are back at it again. Working on the Scotty camper that is.

Do you remember when we bought her?  Oh how I thought we would have her finished by the summer. Well life happens. But this weekend Brook and I had another stay-cation for our anniversary. Our goal was to get the floor finished.

After our camper demolition we had the frame sandblasted and powder coated. If you remember, last Christmas I got wheel wells, wood, screws, and nuts and bolts. What girl would get excited over those things on Christmas morning? Yep, me!


I know you are wishing you had a minivan to haul plywood!

We went with a pressure treated plywood for the floor. I did the sanding and staining while Brook took all the measurements off the old trailer and cut the wood to size.  The stain is a cherry color. We will coat it with Zar’s wood floor finisher once the floor is complete.


It was and still is a puzzle putting this camper back together. We kept all the old pieces to take measurements but for some reason they just don’t work on the new camper. It could be that the old one is so deteriorated.


And this is what was accomplished in a day. I really hope it does not take two more years to start the walls. We are having a family reunion in Idaho this summer. How awesome would it be to take this beauty on a road trip. I think the girls would have a blast. That is if they can stay in their car seats for two whole days.

One day it will look like this. It just has to.

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