In Preparation

I don’t even want to say it, but here it goes……winter!

We have been busy preparing for the winter months ahead of us. I really am in denial about cold weather this year. I find myself doing stupid stuff, thinking that it will remain 70 degrees every day. For example, I left thirty gallons of prepared juice (for wine) in the garage thinking it would start the ferment process because well it still is summer, right?

Yesterday was most likely the last day I will be able to go bare foot so I made sure not to wear shoes whenever I could. (That is not a bruise on Hannah’s foot. She got into some wild berries on the property. They ended up all over her shirt too:))

DSCN7145 - Copy

I spent some of the day preparing the top garden for the horses who will arrive here this weekend.


Over the weekend Brook and his brother filled the hay barn for those horses to have some grub this winter. The forts and wild shenanigans have already begun to take place in there.

DSCN7141 - Copy

Wood has been cut, split, stacked, and covered. I am so thankful for a warm house on these chilly nights.  Not to mention a hard working husband to make sure his girls are warm and cozy.

DSCN7144 - Copy

The piggies and cows have gone to the butcher. The last of the chickens will soon fill our freezer.


The last of the canning will commence with sour kraut. That is, if the chickens don’t eat all the cabbage before I tend to it.

Craft supplies were just bought today to stock the art cabinet. This mama has to be prepared as we will soon be spending more of our time in doors.

Such a bittersweet feeling. The tug to come inside met with the pull to be outdoors as much as possible. Oh to find that balance.

Enjoy these last few days of August   I mean October.


The Blessing of Ordinary











It was another one of those “get ‘er done” kind of weekends. It seems that the list is never ending. Instead of groaning about it, we got to work, all four of us. Garden beds put to rest for the winter, garlic planted, spinach planted, bees tended to, hay hauled for the horses, corn cut for chickens, outdoor furniture and pots away, and then some. I stopped several times to take it all in. The bond between sisters, beauty in creation and how the birthing process works, solace in saying goodbye to summer, and the hope in life renewed again when spring arrives. God is truly amazing at how he created it all.  It makes me think of this verse, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” – Rev. 1:8 

Such a powerful verse. He was and is and always will be Lord God. Blessings to you today as you start another week. I hope you pause to see His beauty in the small, ordinary moments of life.